Annual Subscriptions but with new deals

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Our customers (see "contacts" on pipedrive) after a "deal" we have, they register to our services and pay for annual subscription, but then, they dont pay automatically every year, and sometimes, the amount changes, based on specific new needs/products.

So, every year we should send a reminder for renewal of their subscription for the same amount or different if they add/remove services. Sometimes, they need 2-3 follow-ups until they decide and pay (it means new "deals").

How can I create a recurring deal, which once it is "won", it will be automatically recreated/replicated after a year, so we can see that the services for this customer are expiring and send again a reminder for renewal?

Also, I guess we cannot use the "Recurring Revenue" feature, as we should contact them before they renew and start the procedure of a new "deal" (if they want to renew, add services or cancel)

Thank you for your advises/ideas!




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    My suggest is create a workflow that frigger when a deal become won, then do a action that create a new deal with all data of the first and with an expect close date in the next year.

    Let me know if it’s clear.