This little tip just saved me from punting Pipedrive.

John Shelburne
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If you are syncing your emails and frustrated by the noise in your inbox, then you were like me. The lack of custom filters defines frustration. Then Stacey in support showed me this feature that is probably not used enough. 

I took a course on gmail and was converted to a believer of inbox zero. Lots and lots of filters exisit in my gmail.

In the email sync there is a feature that cannot be praised enough.

The only information that is coming into Pipedrive mail are notifications of demo request and free trials.



  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Great Idea


    Utilize Filtering in Gmail to create the proper tags/folders.

    Then sync those with Pipedrive! 

  • Inês Batata
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    Thank you for this great feedback and for sharing what you learned with the community @John Shelburne , that's the spirit! I've pinned your post to the main feed to make sure more members see it. 🚀

    I'm also happy to report that I've publicly embarrassed Stacey in our company-wide Slack channel (with her consent, of course), praising her for this shout-out. 😇

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