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I´m planning to Start the essential versión to Start and then posibilities to implementado in some clients.

One of the most important for me is when i have leads comming from, YouTube ads, google ads, FB and IG ads, a part of the web forms, every single leads comes with the lead source already. 

So, when i go to the end month Report i now amount of leads , source and which ones i convertida the most. 

For Big sales Team i cannot spect than they Will ask all the time where do you come from.

So please, Will really nice from you to know all this information, also if you can Point me how to do it in this tool. 

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    Hello @Fer 

    I usually create a Custom Field in the Lead/Deal entity  called 'Channel'. 

    I prefer to setup the custom field as single option with a pre-defined list of known channels as opposed to free text.  This is because if you use single option you can later  slice and dice your reports by Channel. If you set it up as free text you cannot! 

    To setup custom fields go to your Company Settings/Data Fields and add new custom field in the right entity . See KB article here on how to add new custom fields. 

    Hope this helps,


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    Hello Luca, apologies, i did not realise than i had a reply. 

    Many thanks for that, i will have a look now, so how will be the sequence to do a report on the source and i want to see of which channels and which ones convert?

    I really like this CRM, i just need tyo have all this sorted out

    Many thanks again for your help

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    If most of your leads are generated online and submitted via a form on your website you'll want to automate capturing source/medium data, UTM tags and probably also landing pages.  Couple of tools that offer this:

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