How to show Leads in Organization view?

Matt Davies_38824
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Is there any way to show Leads in the Organization view? 

Currently, only 'Deals' show when I click on an Organization, is there any way to show Leads as well?

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  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
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    Unfortunately not yet but i think they’re working on that And will be possible soon

  • Courtney Patel
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    I'm looking for this functionality too. Please consider Pipedrive team!

  • Fabien Sarran
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    This feature would be very helpful. I don't get why leads do not show as well as deals in the Person / Organisation view.
    Hoping the Pipedrive team will see this thread.

  • Robpacific
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    Agreed - makes lead lookup incredibly cumbersome. I can see there are leads but cannot view the list of them?

  • Kenton Baker
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    I'll +1 this as well...desperately need this! Has anyone heard of any progress?

  • roshiecharlie
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    Are Leads and Deals managed separately within your organization's workflow, or are they interconnected in some way? Understanding how Leads and Deals are handled within your organization could provide insight into why Leads may not be showing up in the Organization view.