Pipedrive for leads/deals AND post-sale tracking?

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Are there any businesses who use Pipedrive to manage leads as well as their confirmed deals, post-purchase? 

We run a printing business and many customers buy from us upfront (without going through the deal process). Often our first contact with a customer is AFTER they've made a purchase from us. 

We plan to use Pipedrive to keep track of the customers who do go through the lead/deal process,  but we'd also like to keep track of ALL of our customers in the form of production/order tracking and post-purchase follow up. I think I can manage the production/order tracking by setting up a Zap that creates an activity for our production team to complete when an invoice in Xero is raised, but I'm not suer about the post-purchase follow up.

Putting all sales into a pipeline may be a little difficult (not to mention time consuming!), given that we can process hundreds of orders a week - so I was thinking about setting this up for first-time customers, or high volume customers only.

I know that Pipedrive is a CRM and not an order management system, but we're really trying to avoid using too many tools to get the job done. It seems like Pipedrive has the power and flexibility to manage something like this, but I'm struggling to see the forest for the trees a little (this is my first time trying to implement a CRM system).


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    My suggest is to create 2 different Pipeline. One for big deals and one for “run rate” deals.

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