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As part of an internal demo I provided to the team (and within the trial space), it was requested that the platform may be branded with company colours.  When I raised this with support having found nothing on your help pages, I was informed the colours are a single default set only.

The team here is big on both brand identity and consistency across group – this concept flows though the CRM even though it is considered an internal-only tool.

Would it be possible that in a future version, there are some thematic templates that anticipate either square or rectangular logos and 2,3,4 colour palettes please?

From the Pipedrive perspective, I would contemplate that providing this functionality gives your customers much greater attachment to (and so stickiness of) your product long term, particularly if set at each of the price points.




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    I also wish to be able to brand the differents client facing pages at least with my logo :

    • Booking pages
    • Signing pages
    • Emails

    Also regarding of the emails I wish to have more freedom about the content and remove the illustrations that are really "off brand" for me.

    I wish also that the "Pipedrive" brand was less present. Especially for the Pro plan. It's like there is Pipedrive branding everywhere. (In the emails, signing invitations, signing pages, etc...). 

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    Any update on this?


  • Joshua
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    Hope this comes soon, we would like to use our company domain and logo instead to make this a more custom feel.

  • Amit Sarda (

    Thinking of launching a Chrome extension that would allow customizing the colors and fonts.

    Just to understand the demand: would you pay for this?