Group emails - best way to do 300

Tom Chant
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Hi - when group emailing, what's the best method of selecting the second set of 100 people to email.  If you have 300 to email it picks up the first 100 but doesn't (I think) make the second or third email groups easy.  Thanks 


  • Joshua Hindman
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    Hey Tom, there isn't really a clear clean way to do this BUT you can potentially use a filter to identify people who's last email date is NOT today. This way every time you send to a batch of 100 the list would update with the next group.

  • Tom Chant
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    Excellent - thanks for the tip.  It would be very handy if the system automatically selected the next 100 for you (just in case Pipedrive are reading : ) ).

  • DavidToliver
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    PLEASE PLEASE DO NEXT 100....I have been asking this for a while myself

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @DavidToliver have you tried out the Campaigns feature? If you send email blasts to over 100 email addresses regularly, an email marketing tool is best suited.