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I have a Pipeline from enquires all the way to my enquires becoming customers. I have then made another pipeline to manage my customer through the process to help me better my communication and there overall experience. How can I move a deal from one pipeline to another? can it be done or do I have to make one really long pipeline? If possible I would like to keep the 2 parts lead journey and customer journey separate.


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    Hi Nick, 

    You can create some workflow automation, to help with moving the deals to the required Pipeline based on certain criteria you set out. 

    Or you could utilise the Leads Inbox feature 

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    Basically, you can do this either manually or automatically. 

    Manually: Go to Deals, than the Pipeline of the Deal you want to move, and drag and drop it onto the bar that appears at the bottom, into the area labeled with something like "move" or sth like that. Than you can pick the Pipeline you want to move the Deal into.

    Automatically: You can automate a Deal moving from one Pipeline into the other based on being in the last step of the previous Pipeline. You can do that with Pipedrives Workflow-Automations. You can also create a duplicate to keep the insights of your first Pipeline intact, but than of course have a duplicate Deal for everything. Pick your poison. ;)

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    Hi @Justus Lubahn and @Community Assistant , I'm curious how to Automate this action. I don't see "Move to a different Pipeline" in the list of actions after I created my trigger of a deal going into my final stage "Invoice Paid". Here is what I see as the options, all of which I clicked into so I could see if it was nested inside these options, but it's not. I don't see why I would want to duplicate the deal into the new pipeline. I can move it manually, but was hoping to automate this when the deal reaches the final stage. Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help.

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    You just need to go one step further, @AshleyH

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    @Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant - thank you! I thought I would choose which pipeline first, but I see it's nested under Pipeline Stage. Awesome!