Centralised email signature management - attempted workaround

Adrienne Li
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Thought I'd share my efforts here for anyone looking to solve this problem...looks like a decent amount of people struggle with this as well. 

In an attempt at a workaround for centralised, email signatures, I made email templates for each of our sales reps for them to copy and paste within PD (copy and paste from Word, Outlook, or others don't work & you have to reformat & re-add any images & links that you had originally). Copy from the template, into the Signatures editor. This was a bit more stable but the main email banner didn't load after you clicked "Save" within the Signature editor. Still, it's better for the sales reps than having to remake the entire signature themselves. 

When I contacted Support, they said it was a bug within PD and would look into it. Would be great to get centralised management so Sales teams don't have to manually change their signatures every time promotion banners get updated. Or at least integrate with 3rd party software. Our Sales teams love using PD so use the platform to send emails, make notes, etc. so could you please add centralised email signature management to the platform? 

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    I really like this idea. I think there is plenty of opportunity in Pipedrive to give admins more control over how teams set up and use the software.

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    Agree, this would be an easy win for all Pipedrive users. As far as I am concerned there are no plans about this in the future. 

    We use Office 365 and the following service:


    Feels a bit heavy but works very well. The service integrates with office 365 and attaches the same email signatures (Personalized with Name, E-Mail, telephone, ….)  to all send mails of selected Senders. Then, we deleted all the signatures in the email clients, Pipedrive etc. The service costs roughly 1$/user/month