Future Deals for recurring clients or Key Accounts without a specific deals, more like projected dea

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We have a number of Key Accounts that place orders on a monthly basis. Because of the nature of our B2B business, we do not know in advance exactly when they will place the order (normally they would ask for a bid and then we get the order within a week) but I want to have visibility on the monthly pipeline by the date of closing. So I know in the months to come what to expect in the pipeline. How do you recommend I go about it? Shall I just create "draft" deals on a monthly basis with the expected amount and then when a bid comes in I just update that specific "draft" deal to reflect the actual amount? I will appreciate any suggestion. Thanks


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    Hi @Giovanni Gori , your ideal for draft deals seems to be a good way around this. You can also have one or more stages or pipelines where your draft deals are kept until they become an order.

    I have adjusted your post with more topics, so it has more visibility and hopefully you can have more tips from other Community users 🙂