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I use Pipedrive integration with Google Drive.

Now all uploaded files for any deal are stored in one main folder regardless of deal or contact relation. This causes a chaos, when I work with file on local synced storage in my computer. Thousands files of different contacts and deals in one folder.

this should have some logic - all files should belong to some deals of to some contact folder. (like documents do - the are stored in a contact folder)

And also uploading of a file to a deal or contact folder via file manager should show this file in a deal or a contact when vieweing through pipedrive frontend.   

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  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
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    My suggest is to use the ID number of the deal at the beginning of the title.

  • Josh Buesking
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    I agree 1000000000%!

    Huge flaw and show stopper in drive integration. 

    For me it should create a folder for each deal like [Deal ID] - [Deal Name] and everything should be stored in that folder.

    Like I someone said in another thread this is a core integration. Not some small feature.

    Not only does the file viewer in the deal overview page need some work if you ever left pipedrive you would have a folder full of chaos.

    I take 100's of pictures each month of projects we have going and would love to be able to access them in the deal view. Currently using MS power automate to create the folder using deal id like I suggested above then uploading. It works but would love to see everything in the actual Deal Overview.

    I guess a work around would be to rename all you pictures before uploading but seems time consuming when pipe drive can easily do better here.

  • Dan Schneids
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    Does this exist yet?