We make beer!

Steve Dunn_35364
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Hi all, 

We make craft beer! 

Just joined this group. Our company is new to Pipedrive and we're loving it. We're based in beautiful Canmore, Alberta - in the Rocky Mountains. 

Always keen to learn how to leverage tools like Pipedrive  to help us be better at what we do.




  • RH1
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    Awesome! Look forward to trying some when I see it. Are you distributed anywhere in the US yet?

  • David Schirmer
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    Welcome to Pipedrive! We do Commercial Custom Airstreams for the hospitality industry. Custom Airstream bars and kitchens including Wine and. Beer tasting Airstreams (www.customairstream.com). We are based in Canada as well ([email protected])

  • Frank Skerl
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    Hi Steve,

    my company is Switchback Group. We make cartoners and tray packets for the canned beer industry.

     Frank Skerl

    [email protected]

    (440) 552-3464

  • Stuart Hyde
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    Hi Steve. 


    Welcome to Pipedrive.

    We print pressure sensitive beer can labels and also beer can shrink sleeves.  We are US based but I have several Canadian customer.  Have a nice weekend and an even better National Patriots Day on Monday!


    Stuart Hyde

    Model Graphics, Inc.

    [email protected]

  • Steffen Hepp
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    Dear Steve,

    great to see you are also using Pipedrive!
    It's easy to use and our sales people love it.

    If you need hygienic valves for your beer production please let me know...

    Best regards from Germany,


    mobile+49 175 732 8227
    [email protected]





  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
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    Welcome, Steve.

    This post should give you ideas about how to set up Pipedrive in an efficient way: https://www.amitsarda.biz/post/pipedrive-setup-for-efficient-sales


  • Emily Ashenden
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    Hi Steve,

    We are big beer drinkers, but also make labeling machines! Hit us up at [email protected] if you need the world's best benchtop labelling machine for your production. 

  • Matt Dickason
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    We make stainless steel screens. Have a few brewery clients. Welcome to PD!
  • SharkCrate Team
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    Our wood shipping crates (www.sharkcrates.com) are used to transport beer production equipment worldwide!  Perhaps a trade is in order?  Pipedrive is the best.

  • Christoph Suwelack
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    Hi Steve

    Welcome to Pipedrive

    I am Christoph Suwelack and I sell Viking Malts for Craft Brewers in Brazil. 

    I use Pipedrive for all my sales activities.

    If you need any Beer related help, feel free to contact me at [email protected]