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I am going to make an ass out of u and me with the statement "I assume". 
I assume that most pipedrive users do not have time to learn new hacks or "cool new features" that came from a software product manager meeting.
The whole dragging and dropping from one stage in a pipeline gets really old if u have a lot of volume.
Don't say...."what about setting up an automation John?" bc my response will be "how bout you go spend two hours trying figure that out for my workflow."
So here is how I am now using Pipedrive.
1)Switch your Deal View to the list view.
Now you have an excel spreadsheet that does not require dragging and dropping.
2) The filters are mind-numbing BUT control everything.
Learn how to use them....it will drive u a bit insane but you have to do it. 
You have one set of filters for deals and then another for persons and then another for organizations.
3) Find someone on your sales team that understands your company workflow, prospects and technology. Offer a massive incentive for taking on the role of being the Pipedrive dictator. (were talking about an additional salary level of incentive....if u don't then your going to end up with a crap system...your choice). 
They need to understand the data fields that pipedrive uses and how that integrates with other systems. This needs to be an internal salesperson that will jump down throats for bad data entry. 
Finally - DON"T HIRE A CONSULTANT b/c they will be gone after the job.
This is not an easy system so do yourself a favor and document every process for future salespeople.

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