How to track demo no-shows?

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Hi all,

At the moment, we're tracking people who scheduled a demo but didn't show up in a spreadsheet because I don't know how to track that in Pipedrive.

I suppose it wouldn't be a good idea to have a "No Show" stage in a pipeline as each step of a pipeline should be mandatory for the vast majority of prospects.

Also, it seems like there's no way to have an automation triggered after an activity has passed but wasn't completed?

So, does anyone have an idea how to get rid of our spreadsheet?


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    Create a custom field under Deals to track the status of demo shows/no-shows. Depending on your requirements, you can add a few more custom fields to indicate how many no-shows somebody has had, the date of the demo, etc.

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    This should be a core feature IMO. This post is still top #3 results on google for "Pipedrive noshow". Seems like Pipedrive employees have 100% meeting completion rate?

  • @Sam Tuke I just did a Google Search for the keywords you shared. I found my comments on each of the posts. I have implemented this for my other clients. Can you describe your requirements in brief? If possible, I will try to publish this solution as a paid article. I have done this for other popular solutions I have provided and it's a win-win for all.

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    My requirements are to simply have a way of marking whether a deal has included a meeting which was no show. The goal of this is to have a simple way of checking if the deal has wasted company time and the past. I don't know what the best place to store that information is. It would be fine for me if it was either a meeting status, or an attribute of the deal itself. By sharing these requirements, I am not committing to pay for any service from you, though I'm curious as to what you propose.

  • Just create a mandatory single-option custom field under Deals: No Meeting, Met, No Show.

    If you want to track this historically, it would make sense to have this field under Person or Organization.