Has anyone figured out the logic on contacts that come from web forms?

John Shelburne
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I need to find all of the contacts that downloaded a whitepaper from our site. We have a web form and PD creates a deal when an inquiry is submitted. Then for a bizarre reason, an activity is created called with a Note using Webform Submission. But when u try to create a filter on activities for webform submissions, a note option doesn't exist.

I have a filter for the deal pipeline but a lot of these have moved.

I just need a simple filter for web form contacts that came in.....this is beyond frustrating



  • Joshua Hindman
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    Hey @John Shelburne  have you created a custom field for Lead Source?

    This is a great way to track where leads are coming from. When the white paper is downloaded, you can set this field and then easily filter by it rather than trying to hunt down notes on activities.

    For filters, fields or labels will simplify things for you.

    Hope that helps!

  • John Shelburne
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    I have not but i just created a filter that does something similar. Pipedrive needs to take out all of the widgets and strip it down to list views. Once I am in list view, the system becomes useful.