Research: Pipedrive - Facebook & Instagram Messengers [deadline is 11th of June]

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Hello dear Community members!

I am currently researching ways of integrating the Facebook & Instagram Messengers (for business pages) with Pipedrive

And I would really love to learn more about how your team is working with Facebook and/or Instagram Messengers (business one), what are the main needs and expectation from this integration.

Please share your thoughts in comments or react with "likes".

I am also looking forward to speaking with some of you and hearing your thoughts on some ideas we have regarding this integration. 
If you are interested then please book a suitable time with me here


Thank you!


  • Banji
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    We would love to be able to see facebook messanger and instagram messages from lead and contacts in pipedrive. We should be able to receive and reply to their messages and also create new lead, deals or contacts from the messages that come through. 

  • Kathryn Owen
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    Yes, I'd love this too. Most of my contacts are via FB messenger business pages. So this would be a great idea. 

  • Hi @Lina_38202

    Any progress on these integrations? I am aware of the FB and Whatsapp extension that you have in Beta, but wondering if Instagram is being worked on. A higher priority would be native SMS. Any updates on any of these?

    Thank you!

  • Nowadays Instagram is becoming more and more they way to attract clients, would be great to have an update in the progress of the integration with Pipedrive.