How sales pipeline & business support pipeline can communicate? Once deal won.. How move automatical

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    You have three choices, to begin with.

    1. Use workflow automation to move the deal to the new pipeline once won. You would need a filter showing the won deals in the business support pipeline to see them. (see screenshot below).
    2. Use workflow automation to create a new deal in the business support pipeline. You will lose the comms and notes but you can copy across the deal 'details' (field values). These deals will now show as 'won' in the support pipeline on reports and the forecast, which may not be preferable. 
    3. Use workflow automation to move the deal automatically but don't 'win' it. This is possibly the preferred option as no filter is required to show the deals in the support pipeline but you will keep all the details. However! you may need to consider how this will affect your reporting as the deal 'won' would now not be recorded until the end of the support pipeline. 

    If none of these suit - you could look at zapier to create an automation to create a new deal AND copy across more of the original deal data (notes primarily).