Wanted: developer feedback about App Extensions (upcoming and existing)

Priit Parmann
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Firstly, I want to thank all app creators who have implemented any of our App extensions - be it panels, basic actions or the latest addition, embedded actions. This has hopefully improved the app usage experience of our mutual customers. To anyone who hasn’t utilized those possibilities in their apps (yet) - I encourage you to explore those options!

We want to make the App Platform even better. As you might know, app panels on their own are quite static and there’s no easy or visible way to action on the data. We are thinking to make app panels interactive by making it possible to invoke actions on individual shown objects or fields and also have general app actions visible straight on the panel. For example, a panel for Trello app could become something like this:


Another thing we are considering in the near future is shareable app actions. It would give admins the possibility to share the permission to execute embedded actions in 3rd party apps from within Pipedrive to regular users (without them having to install the app or own an account in the 3rd party tool).

Before going ahead with the implementation, it would be invaluable to get feedback from you, app creators - do you find these things valuable, what behavior would you expect, what else are you missing from App extensions, etc?

All the feedback around App extensions is very welcome. I would especially appreciate it if you found 15-30 minutes to talk to me directly (book a video call here 🗓). Otherwise, you can also leave it in the comments or send me an email.

Priit Parmann
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