Increased Size Options for Pictures of Contacts/People

Paul Hayek
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The Contacts/People tab is excellent. However, I wish their image in the top left could be adjusted in size, so it is easier to see their face. The photos are tiny, and often we can't tell what someone looks like when pulling up their contact info. 


Allow for a back-end setting that increases the size of these pictures slightly. 
Keep pictures the same size, but offer a "pop up" zoomed dynamic when clicking on the photo to closer view the contact's image. 

Thanks for allowing me to post this feedback. P.S. I LOVE Pipedrive (recovering salesforce user/admin)

5 votes

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  • Jeska
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    Same! I would appreciate that the photos are simply bigger to start. They help me identify the people I am meeting/develop relationships with, and they make a big difference for me!

  • Marc Fabris
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    Another +1 for this. It’s been requested for more than two years in different forums in the community. It’s useless on iOS to have the photo unless you can press to expand or similar as needed. It’s way too small otherwise. 

    TSWVS Member Posts: 1
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    YES!! Please...the photos are SO SMALL!!!

  • FP
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    Same ! This picture otherwise is of no use.

    But using Pipedrive mobile, being in a forum or Summit and being able to scan the pictures of contacts, with a pop-up, to then identify people is really a must have.

  • giosco
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    Agree, either remove the photo or give the ability to make it larger. As they are now, they're completely useless.