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Josh Monifi
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It would be great if you could filter Deals in List view to include Deals that you Follow. In addition to viewing Deals that you own, some of our users need to also use List view to see Deals that they follow, even though they may not be the primary owner of the Deal. 

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Josh Monifi , thank you for your feedback! While it is not planned for the very near future, our team have already noted this feedback from another user as well. You can find the post here:

  • Haus
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    I am very frustrated as to how certain features are added into the platform but not thought out well in its execution. Currently, if I automate an owner change, I cannot also auto remove followers, so I end up with users looking at the same deal/lead/etc. which causes issues. But on the flip side, I am unable to use this feature to segment/filter. Can your organization sit down with clients and request input in a round-table session of sorts to get the what and whys of these requirements?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Zac
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    I would like to see this feature too