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Had a nice chat with support about this, and they promised to take this to the product team, but also posting here to gain support/priority.

The feature I really miss in Pipedrive’s integration with Outlook, is the ability to only synchronize/track emails/calendar entries/contacts assigned a specific category.

You can set that it is only specific folders that are tracked, but maintaining the list of folders to track, as well as moving the emails you want to track to specific folders, is simply not practical in daily work. Having a separate calendar (Calendar folder) for the meetings you want to track, is simply not an option. Having a separate Contacts folder to synchronise with Pipedrive, would be ok.

But it would be a lot simpler to just categorise email threads, calendar meetings and the contacts you want to synchronise with Pipedrive, with a category named “Sync with Pipedrive”.

Same thing when sync from Pipedrive. For example, when I am assigned owner of an organisation, all contacts belonging to that organisation is created in my outlook contacts and assigned the category “Sync with Pipedrive”. When I am no longer the Owner, they are deleted. If I wanted to keep the contact, just remove the category in outlook, prior to changing ownership in Pipedrive. Same for calendar events.

This is the way Microsoft D365 CRM and Salesforce handles synchronisation.

Also, from a user perspective it is easy to understand, and in Outlook you get a very clear picture of what is synced with Pipedrive, as category is shown on emails, contacts, and calendar entries with Colors and a label. And you can give the category a keyboard shortcut to categorise items quickly, and have them sync to Pipedrive in split seconds 😊.


As CEO it is very important to me that I have full control and visibility of which emails and calendar entries goes into Pipedrive, and the option of synchronizing everything is simple not one I can use. And limiting to specific folders, is just too much work.


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