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Véronique BRUN
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Hi Pipedrive Community!

My problem: 
We generally attach several files per deal. But then when we want to take them back Pipedrive does not allow to upload them all at once, but only one by one. So when a deal change of pipeline stade I would like to send at once all the attached files of this given deal to GG Drive.

I found a zap called 'Upload file in Google Drive when updated deal stage in Pipedrive' which sounds very good...

However to make it works I am requested to define what should be seen as a file in Pipeline... Who knows what to put in that field (see screenshoot below)? 

"1. Files" choice was the one making more sense in proposed list... but it doesn't work in the zap test... Has anyone tried to do this? Thank you in advance for your help.



  • Aaron Douglass Bailey
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    You'll need some custom API code in a zap step here. Shouldn't be too expensive to do. 



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