Organization City does not show in activity list

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Hi Pipedrivers,

I have created a list view in activities that shows the visits of fieldforce at the customer site. I have added a column for city of organisation. 

But in most cases the column does not get populated. I have checked if affected customers do have the adress maintained correctly and for me it all seems to be maintained just fine.

As a workaround I have replaced the "city" column with the whole "address" of the customer which seems to be working better, but still i get feedback that in some cases the "address" column is not filled.

The underlying costomer data was uploaded via xls file and no errors were reported during upload.

Thanks for any input on this!




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    It is possible that geocoding may need to be reinforced. Please reach out to our support team, so this can be looked into - Contacting Pipedrive support.

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