Feature request: Edit the date of Notes after posting it in Deal

Efir Media
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Be able to edit the date of the note so it fits into the timeline of the deal accordingly (image 1)

Or even better would be the ability to edit the date by clicking on it (top left) and you're immediately able to edit it in the pop up (like you can with Deal names - image 2)

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  • Matthew Depue
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    Agree.  This would be extremely helpful as we have a tendency to add notes ex post facto.

  • Walter Kremhiller
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    I second that. Sometimes i transfer a note into pipedrive a few days after it's creation, therefore it doesn't fit correctly into the timeline of a deal. I'd like to correct that manually.

  • RayRandolph
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    I agree: add the ability to edit a note date so it lists in the proper chronological sequence.