custom tracking domain for email delivirability


I would like to be able to set up custom tracking domain for emails because using pipedrive domain instead of my company's can hurt email deliverability.


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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Are you sending lots of emails? Just wondering why this would be an issue via PD

  • Laura Houssain
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    I intend to send a lot of emails with Pipedrive indeed. I'm a lead gen, prospecting person.
    But I read this and it dawned on me that using Pipedrive tracking would actually hurt my deliverability.

  • Matt_75686
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    Surely there's a way to do this? It's a key requirement these days for for email deliverability, especially if you want to use pipedrive for cold outreach. If all tracking pixels are routed through a shared IP address / domain that is identifiable as belonging to Pipedrive CRM, it kinda defeats the purpose of sending and receiving via SMTP / IMAP. It immediately identifies outgoing emails as being sent by a CRM, and therefore significantly increases the likelihood of getting flagged as SPAM.

    Best practice is to alias the CRM tracking pixel domain from the email sender domain with a CNAME record in the DNS.

    If I send an email directly from my mailbox with a 3rd party tracking pixel that is widely used by other marketers, my open rate falls sharply.

    If I alias my tracking pixel domain as a subdomain of my own mail domain and send from the mailbox I get near perfect deliverability.

    This is how it works WITHOUT a custom tracking domain even when I have SPF, DKIM and DMARC set up correctly...

    Email sender domain: :: BIG TICK from all mail providers

    Tracking pixel Domain: RED FLAG from many mail providers

    This is how it works WITH a custom tracking domain even WITH a custom tracking domain with SPF, DKIM and DMARC all set up correctly.

    Email sender domain: :: BIG TICK from all mail providers

    tracking pixel Domain: :: BIG TICK from all mail providers

    And I should add that my own nameservers reside on a low cost hostgator shared hosting.