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Check out our roadmap and FAQ for Campaigns below. 🚀 Got questions? Just reply to this thread! 

Hello, Pipedrivers. Let me quickly introduce myself. 👋

My name is Janis, I'm the VP of Product at Pipedrive, overseeing the development and release of the marketing product offering. 

I would like to regularly share answers to some questions that I see coming up frequently as well as encourage everyone to ask more questions in the thread. I would also like to give updates on upcoming releases and the near-term roadmap. So keep an eye on this channel.


🛣️ This week I would like to share the near-term roadmap:

  • Campaigns beta is live since the beginning of June. Each week more and more users will be joining beta while we keep collecting feedback on existing and future functionality. So please join interviews, share your feedback in the feedback form that can be found in the app, or right here in this community channel.
  • Currently working on multiple user access and multiple sender name (email) functionality, that will allow all users from those companies that have been invited to access the app, view campaign list, reports, send campaigns using shared email addresses. User management will be done through Campaigns-specific user role permissions. We need your input here as well, so ping me if you want to learn more and contribute to the scope.
  • Next up is the Campaigns add-on billing implementation. We expect that Campaigns will become a paid add-on around early August. Billing will be per active Subscribed marketing contact only, not the whole contact database.
  • At the same time, we are working on one of the most requested features - drip sequences, marketing automation. The workflow automation engine that Pipedrive customers are already used to using will get wait actions or delays and marketing emails with engagement reports around September month. This will allow any data from within Pipedrive to be used for triggers and conditions to run automation effectively.


❓Now some of the first questions with answers: 

Q: Is the Campaigns function suitable for cold emailing? 

A: No. As Campaigns provides shared infrastructure for customers to send permission-based marketing emails, cold emails can damage the reputation and therefore service quality for all customers. If any customer will fail to follow these guidelines their account might get suspended. Cold emailing should be done using your personal outbox and the Group Emailing feature.


Q: Are Campaigns only for broadcasts or is it marketing automation? Will Marketing Automation be available in the future?

A: Yes, marketing automation is expected at the end of Q3.


Q: Is there a delay or scheduled send for email campaigns?

A: Not as of now, this is expected by end of Q3.


Stay tuned, more FAQs will be shared soon 🚀 Write your questions in the comments below and we'll answer! 🗣️ 💬

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