🎯 Avoiding the spam folder and being blocked: Company Account Review

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❓Do you have a spam horror story? Share with us in the comments.❓

We follow industry best practices and rules to help your campaigns not end up in spam folders or come back as blocked. This service quality maintenance makes sure you have the best inbox delivery experience using our Campaigns tool.

One essential step of this maintenance is regular Company Account Review:

  • What are account review requests and how do they work?
  • What if my account cannot be verified?
  • Can I use Campaigns while my account review is in progress?
  • Get all your answers here.

☠️ Do you have a spam horror story? Share with us in the comments.



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    One of the most important lessons that any company can have is when their own business emails start falling in real cusstomer junk folders. It takes from 3 to 6 months for any company to regain the business domain reputation and that means lost business, poor customer experience. 

    This is what happens when any company thinks they should do mass cold emailing or pure SPAM (commercial offer emailing in bulk). Quite few companies think they can use email marketing tools to do just that. 

    Account review process is established to protect our email infrastructure from bad actors, from email senders who don't follow the best practices and as a result they might damage the email delivery infrastructure for many customers including himself. By having this process we ensure that only companies that have opt-in emails or so called consent and have permission to send marketing emails to customers get to use Campaigns app. 

    Check out the post about marketing consent

    And take the quiz to test your knowledge.

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