What is your best practice for defining deal owners?

Beate Daschkeit
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we are wondering who in our company should be the deal owner in different kinds of deals. We have two different sales dep.:

1. internal service for inbound inquiries

2. field service for active acquisition and KAM

How do you manage the topic 'deal-owner'? When should the KAM be the deal-owner?

I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas.



  • Brad Krause_13404
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    Not sure I totally follow why you would have this dilemma.  The Person that actively pursues the opportunity to completion should be the deal owner. That doesn't mean the two sales departments cannot have deals for the same client or site. 

    But if this is a situation where internal originated the deal but external closed or lost it then you could either add a custom deal details field to track the originator or if the originator is always the one that creates the deal they can be referenced as the creator. 

    The deal owner however IMO is the person that sees it through to the lon or lost point. They are the one responsible for closing it.