Comparing data over previous periods of time

Lucas Xavier_3197
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While I used to enjoy more the previous report system, I'm adapting to the insights system.

But the missing compare to previous period feature is killing me. For me it's a basic sales analysis.

I would like to be able to add another axis to my charts to compare to previous periods (last 6 months or same period last year) so I can track my teams performance evolution.


I don't think that creating another chart or constantly changing the period of a chart is a professional and efficient way to do this.


Does the dev team have this in mind?



  • Antoni_3526
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    I need it too!! 

  • Lucas Xavier_3197
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    PPD Team?

  • Edwin Anthony aan de Wiel
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    Pipedrive really needs to step up: all companies work with comparing sales over PY (Previous Year) so this is indeed a well needed feature.

  • Lucas Xavier_3197
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  • Andrew Tanner
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    Yes this is most essential to show my boss how our sales team is improving... Please help! We need the ability to track data and show changes weekly, monthly, and yearly.

  • Nanne Tolsma
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    Also having this issue, unfortunately can't use the Pipedrive dashboard directly, and have to do my own (offline) analysis. Any help or tricks to circumvent this double work would be appreciated.