How do I link the activity of a person within a company to show as activity for that lead/organizati

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Any advice how to link activities from a person within a company to the company itself? When I go to my leads inbox it looks like there is no activity connected to my leads, but when I click on the person I've been in contact with within that organization all the activity is logged. This makes it challenging to know which leads I need to follow-up on.



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    Totaly agree any help to create a duplicate of a person activity into the lead or even deal attached to it ?

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    @ Candy Crush If you have the regarding set to Lead for all the activities recorded on the lead, for a reference to the past activities you could add a quick view form on the Account to show the activities grid of the lead. This way you have reference to all past activities done on the lead record but once they have been qualified to account, all new activities here on should be recorded on the account.