Help me Organize our Work-flow Automations please

Luis Ramirez_5906
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The only way to sort the automations in Pipderive currently is in chronological order.

We have 25+users across 3 countries and there are automations by user/department/country. 

The fact that Pipedrive only organizes them in one single chronological order makes it hard to find them / avoid duplications, etc. 

Is it possible to create a Filter / Sort button or even better TAGS to organise workflow automations? Or to be able to manually organize them like the pipelines.



  • Brad Krause_13404
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    All of our automations are created under a single user. I use a long descriptive name right in the title. 

    If the automation includes sending an email internally the subject line always starts with AUTOMATION:

    then the subject so people know its an automated email.

  • Brad Lynch
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    Yes, I would also like the ability to be able to sort all my workflow automations.  

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