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I am new to Pipedrive so apologies if this is a very basic question. My business will have different person contacts as follows:

1. Individual/retail customers

2. Professional contacts that introduce customers

3. Contacts of suppliers e.g. companies that supply products/services to my business

In a similar way, my business will have different organization types:

1. Business customers

2. Professional firms

3. Suppliers

I have previously used salesforce and it was possible to set-up differnt account/record types to manage the different types of contacts/businesses. 

Can this be replicated in Pipedrive and, if so, how?

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    The way we are handling this is by using the person label field with the following options:

    Active Client



    If they are not one of those things then they are presumed to be a prospect, for the most part.

    We don't concern ourselves with managing the organization records for those details. No value in it for us at this point and if we wanted to filter them out for some project we could probably just use the person label criteria. 

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