Sales Automation: Processes in Sales You Can Automate Right Now ⚙️

Aleš Haška
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Most sales reps are so bogged down with repetitive administrative tasks that they spend less than 36% of their workday actively closing deals.

1. Pipeline Management

  • Lead Generation and Prospecting: These two go hand in hand, working together to make sure your sales team has a steady stream of potential customers to work with at all times.

2. Scheduling Meetings

  • Sync meetings and calls between tools 
  • Set up automatic reminders

3. Email

  • Email personalization: Personalized email outreach is one of the best ways to get a response. It’s estimated that 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if their experience is personalized. Emails that are personalized also net around a 30% open rate and a 5% click-through rate.