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We work with festivals around the world and sometimes there will be multiple with the same name - in different countries, run by different organisations. 

It can be confusing with the current search bar to quickly know which deal we are looking at, as it does not show which pipeline the deal is in. See example of elements festival which is in both the US and Aus. 

It would be great to show the name of the pipeline somewhere here

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  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @Sylvie Maclean  I can see how this can get a bit frustrating. Have you considered naming your deals differently to how they are shown above? It could be simply adding the location of the festival in the deal title (could uses coded locations for speed). 

    If the above solution isn't the best, then perhaps creating a filter on Elements Festival, all open deals so you know which ones require work and which have been won/completed. 

    Or a final solution could be that you archive the deal, this is done via adding a stage into your pipeline call it archive/or something bit more relevant to festival terminology. Once the deal has been won and the event taken place, you could then move that deal to the archived stage - the filter could then be used and you could eliminate all deals at archived stage in each pipeline. 

    Hope that helps!