Gardens don't grow in winter

Matt Heinz
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Many of your best target customers aren’t buying right now.  Budgets are frozen, cash is being conserved.  But here’s the thing…

You’re not going to grow many tomatoes in December (at least here in Seattle).  But how you till the garden, condition the soil, add fertilizer – how you work the variables now will give you epic tomatoes this summer.

Invest in your relationships, lean in on building value, give generously.  The harvest is coming.



  • Kallie Johnson
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    Thanks for posting this! I think we all needed it.  I've been checking in on folks not pushing anything but just saying. "hey I hope you're staying safe and healthy" and just trying to let them know I care but also make sure they don't forget me when things get back to normal :)

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    Good morning to you and to all.  I've been in sales throughout my career and we all have to stay positive and motivated.  We also have to convey that to our clients.  This saying that Matthew was awzum!  I will utilize it starting today to make sales but also to retain.  Let's be serious, retention is almost as important, or more, as compared to new sales!


    Michael G

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    Nice insight! Aligning expectations..