Feature request: option to only sync email for existing contacts

Daniel_29404 Member Posts: 9
edited June 2022 in Sales CRM #1

In my ideal setup, only email for existing contacts would be sync'd into Pipedrive. As it is I end up setting up a horribly long filter list to avoid newsletters, system emails, internal-only emails, partner/supplier emails, etc getting pulled into Pipedrive.

In this kind of scenario, my workflow would look like this:

(a) receive an email from new contact that I want to start tracking.
(b) at this stage the email is not sync'd to Pipedrive as there is not a contact with a matching email address. If I don't do the next step then the email isn't sync'd to Pipedrive.
(c) I decide to create a contact in Pipedrive with the email address of that same person from (a) (created either manually, by adding a lead/deal with the contact, or by any other way I can create a contact)
(d) Pipedrive will then start sync'ing all emails to/from that contact (including past correspondence)

If at any point in the future I decide to stop tracking email from that contact, I can delete the contact in Pipedrive. Existing sync'd email will stay, but no new email from that email address will be pulled into Pipedrive.

This would dramatically reduce the amount of email that gets pulled into Pipedrive making it both easier and more valuable to manage email from my leads/clients in Pipedrive.