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Happy Thursday, Pipedrivers! Another Q&A session here. 
I think I've exhausted all the questions and feedback after this post, so keep them coming in the comments ✏️


Q: Will you be providing a competitive analysis for other email marketing products such as Constant Contact? 

A: Yes. Expected at the end of Q3 when we will deliver the most important things in the roadmap, e.g. automation. The offering will be very competitive for most Pipedrivers doing email marketing today.


Q: Will it be possible to automatically start campaigns by adding tags to contacts? Are you introducing tags, or do you have some other way to start a campaign automatically when someone subscribes? Is it a possibility to have a list for certain contacts and send them targeted campaigns? 

A: This question has two parts: one list/tag related, and the other related to automation triggers. Let's break it up.

1. As of now, we don't have a "tags" functionality, only Labels. Also contact lists, groups, or segments are currently covered by Pipedrive's filter functionality, but a more robust, marketing-friendly contact management solution is a part of our Q4 roadmap. 

2. Automation triggers. Any data that our workflow automation feature has access to will be available as triggers to start the automation. We can achieve the desired result by using labels or custom field values as criteria as a trigger and as conditions within the flow.  More information on best practices and use cases will come with the marketing automation functionality


Q: Can we use deal fields in the campaign? 

A: Not available at the moment. We are looking into this question right now.

Q: Can we also change the font in the mailings to our own custom, company brand font? 

A: Not possible at the moment, we have recorded it in our feature request backlog.


Thanks again for all the great questions, keep them coming! Stay safe, healthy, and sell more 😉 🚀

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