Is Pipedrive suitable for B2C

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Pipedrive instantly jumps out to me as B2B.    Every default phone number or emil address is set to "work" and not "home" ... adding a lead with full name, address and phone number is not straight forward.  I have to create custom fields for Address ... really .. something as simple as address requires a custom field?

Pipedrive is not as intuitive as it likesyou to think.

Or am I just missing something?  Is there a switch I just flick that changes B2B to B2C?  Any help would be gratefully received


  • Brad Krause_13404
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    We do both B2B and B2C as a landscape company. Not sure your use case specifically. If you are talking about creating a custom field for address in the deal record don't do that if it can be avoided. Use the organization address field if possible. ie. Jones Residence is the organisation for the person Susan Jones. or more specifically Jones Residence (Susan) is the organization. 

    Now if what you do completely does not align with using that organization configuration then maybe consider something different. But at the end of the day Pipedrive can be used just for B2C. Every user has some configuration needed to optimise for their use. Even B2C users. 

  • Boris Tsibelman
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    You can definitely apply Pipedrive in Both use cases! 

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    Yes. Been using it for a D2C business for the last 2+ years, managing 25,000 open deals at any point of time.