Multiple Deals Linked to a Head Contract

Calvin Kirkpatrick
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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with having a Multiple Deals Relevant to a Single Head Contract. 

For example we have a tender where there are 3 different locations (essentially seperate deals, as each location has a different value), but ideally we would have them all linked to a main head contract deal so tasks and calls can be tracked easier. 


  • Brad Krause_13404
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    Here is how we sort things. Every physical location is its own organisation. The person record gets associated with whatever location they work at. If they manage several locations but "office" at a corporate office they get associated with a corporate organization record. Fortunately people can be associated with multiple deals at different locations even if they can only be associated with on organization record. We have no concern with activities or scheduled calls being consolidated across all org records or anything like that. don't see the value for us at least. 

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