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We have 3 divisions belonging to our company working with the contacts in Pipedrive. One of the goals with Pipedrive is that all have access to everyone's contacts across these divisions, so one common database is established. 

As only one person can be the "Owner" of a contact the others are listed then as "Followers" if that contact is relevant for them too, e.g. they might be in contact with this person or have deal in the future etc.

Sadly, Pipedrive only allows filtering by "Owner" when in the People module, so if  one of the divisions wants to go through all his/her own contacts to for example make a note on which ones should receive a newsletter from that division, they can only filter by Contacts which they are the "Owner" of but not also the the ones which they are a "Follower". 

This seems like an easy thing to implement, we would really need to be able to filter by "Owner" as well as "Follower" in the contacts (People) module, is this planned and understandable?

I also know you can see who you follow in the "User Overview" but this is not helpful at all for filling out data on these contacts. 



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