Auto-scheduling activities pegged to a launch date. Is there a workaround?

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We really want to be able to automate the scheduling of a series of activites. It seems that the workflow automation feature currently doesn't allow the due date to be set as '5 days before *date*'. 

Has anybody found a way to create the same result? 

If you could also use this feature then please comment.

User story;

As an administrator,
I want to create a set of activities which must be achieved at certain time intervals before a specific deadline,
So that I don’t miss any steps in my process and I can rely on my activity reminders to ensure that  defined business process is followed 

Scenario; I am creating a workflow automation for a deal with custom field ‘Rocket Lauch Date’ = 14/09/2021
Given that I am on step 3 “Action - Create activity”
When I am selecting the due date
Then I can choose 15 days before “Rocket Launch Date”

Wider context story;
Given that I have a deal with field ‘Rocket Lauch Date’ = 14/09/2021
When I move the deal into the stage ‘initiate launch’
Then 3 activities are created by a workflow automation;
Activity 1 - Check that the rocket build is on schedule with due date = 45 days before ‘Rocket Launch Date’
Activity 2 - Check that the rocket has been delivered = 15 days before ‘Rocket Launch Date’
Activity 3 - Check that the rocket fuel has been delivered = 5 days before ‘Rocket Launch Date’.

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