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Magdalena Chomczyk
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Hi there!, I wrote with question about function that used to be available about 1-1,5 year ago and it turned out that it doesn't work.  Activities that sticked to each Business Opportunity Card: they are planned for each day, and we ticked them as done. Previous: we planned acitivity 10.June, we done it that day, but we ticked it 11.June and PIPE showed us 10.June was done. This option is different at the moment -coz PIPE shows real time of done activity but time of planned isn't shown anymore. The real date of done is also helpful and could be add or somewhere inside, but the most important is possibility to see the PLANNED date. Our team-workers confirmed me that it in some cases it's essential for us and very important.  I'd like to know how we can switch back this option ?, as we had previous, 


  • Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant -
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    Due date and Marked as done time are two separate fields under activities.

  • Magdalena Chomczyk
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    Due date and Marked as done time are two separate fields under activities.

    Hi Amit, 

    thank You for your response:

    but I see in my PIPE no two separate fields :( 

    Even if I ticked 19.July -coz I did it that day, but f.e. I didn't have internet connection,
    and in some cases -it's really important to see that it was done that day
    -PIPE will show me ONLY date with real time,
    but date of PLANNED of activity will disappear..

    And this is a problem for us...

    Can you see yours Activities as below ?