Need suggestions for cleaning up Pipedrive.

Jeff Decker
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I am looking for a way to clean up our current Pipedrive instance to reduce a bunch of unnecessary clutter.  

The issue we are facing is the original process setup at our company was for the sales team to run a deal through their pipeline.  When the sales team was done they would create a new deal for the accounting department to invoice.  The accounting department would create a new deal for the hardware ordering department, who would create a new deal for the onboarding department.  As you can see for one true deal we ended up with a minimum of 4 deals tied to an organization.  Then when you throw in a new future deal we ended up with another 4 deals for 8 deals tied to an organization when it should have been 2 deals maximum.

I am looking for any suggestions on how to clean this up if possible.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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