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Hola, Pipedrivers. 

It's actually the 7th week since the release of Campaigns Beta and I'm very excited to see quite a few of you already adopting the new product for your business and email marketing.

As usual, the weekly Q&A with some recent feedback from you is below.


Q: As we are an international company, with an international customer base, the ability to customize the text in the unsubscribe flow and change the language would be great. 
A: As Pipedrive works with customers from more than 170+ countries the language customization is on our priority list. Our approach has been to focus on English-speaking markets and roll out most of the core functionality in English first, then make sure that the app and the recipient-facing interface language can also be customized. If anyone reading this feels it's relevant for them, pls leave a note in the comment.

Q: Will it be possible to add RSS feeds from website updates? If yes, when? 
A: We don't have RSS feed driven campaign functionality in our near-term roadmap. We are collecting the necessary feedback right now to identify the level of interest.

Q: Will it be possible to add several emails in an automated campaign with a different trigger? 
A: You will be able to send automated marketing emails by setting up workflow automation flows with custom triggers either when the contact subscribes or any field value changes.

Q: There is a need to create a preference center through Pipedrive so that contacts can manage their subscriptions. This should be separate from the form builds that currently exist in lead generation. 
A: Subscription management functionality, e.g. preference center for the subscriber, is part of the Q4 roadmap. Currently, there is no way for the subscriber to change his preferences, but you can use custom fields and set up interests for the customers that can later be used for filters and targeted marketing campaigns. 


We can see from the above questions that Campaigns users are very practical and eager to make the most of Campaigns. We are listening!



  • Diana D
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    Is it possible to add a condition of "language" in the workflow automation tool as `I have email templates in different languages. Please help. Thanks, Diana

  • tabarnacle
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    Title: Seeking Information: Implementing a Workflow Automation with Language Filter in Pipedrive

    Hello Pipedrive Community,

    I hope this message finds you all well. I am currently exploring the possibility of enhancing my workflow automation within Pipedrive and have a specific requirement in mind that I would love to get some guidance on.


    I am looking to implement a workflow automation that incorporates a language filter. Essentially, based on the language preference of a contact or lead (for example, English, French, Spanish, etc.), certain workflow actions would be triggered.


    1. Is such an automation feasible within the current capabilities of Pipedrive?
    2. If yes, could someone kindly guide me or provide resources on how this could be set up? A step-by-step or any documentation would be much appreciated.

    I believe this kind of automation would greatly enhance the user experience for many businesses with diverse client bases. Any insights, experiences, or pointers from the community would be immensely valuable.

    Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

    Warm regards,