Revenue Forecast for Both One-off and Subscription Products in One Report

Shohei Hayashi
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Revenue Forecast for Both One-off and Subscription Products in One Report

For companies that sell both one-off products and monthly subscription products, it is very important to see probability weighted revenue forecast for both products in one report.

Is there any new feature or trick to support this demand??


  • Ivor
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    I have the same problem, hopefully there is a solution 

  • Ante Ukalovic
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    Same problem here. This is really frustrating

  • lee
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    I just spent an hour chatting with support for the third time as I (we, sometimes) couldn't wrap our heads around the forecasted revenue report not showing, well, total forecasted revenue.

    I’ve got all the data in there as payment schedules or subscriptions (or sometimes deal values). I've got deal probabilities. Pipedrive robots should be able to sum that up into how much $ is coming in each month.

  • Juanes
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    Same problem here. Can Pipedrive fix this?

  • Luuk (Intractive)

    Did Pipedrive already created something? I have the same problem and it is pretty annoying that you can't ad both peroduction and a subscription to a deal. It is almost so frustrating that we might switch to another CRM.

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