Welcome 13 new Campaigns beta testers!

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This week, we go over the 200 member mark as we are joined by...


@Layci Skog @Abdulrahman AlMudahieem @David Cross @Robert Moutal @Colin Southwell @Gail McGrath @Pauline McGrellis @Valentin @John H-Sech @Heitor Cezar @Randall Pena @Danny Tran Admin


👉 Introduce yourself and share your questions, tips, and feedback about Campaigns.

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  • Gail McGrath
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    Hello pipedrive BETAs!    Very grateful for the opportunity to join this community and share best practices to maximize our outreach and hit our goals!  I'm building my target list NOW and looking forward to next steps! 

    More to come... just wanted to say HELLO!