Are your campaigns stopping dead in their tracks? | Campaigns Tracking and Reporting 📊

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With the Campaigns reporting feature you'll have a bird's eye view on how any given campaign is performing:

  • Engagement: this gives you an understanding of your campaign opens and clicks.
  • Delivery: see a breakdown of your successfully delivered emails, your bounced emails, unsubscribes, and spam reports.
  •  Performance over time: displays what days and times your campaign received the most opens and clicks.
  • Links performance: find a list of the links included in your campaign, and the percentage of clicks on links in that specific email.
  • Top locations performance: displays a list of countries with the number of unique opens from that location, as well as the percentage of opens coming from each area.


Find out all about Campaigns reporting via our guide here, and feel free to share your thoughts and questions 💬