Architecture: lead source field should be on a lead or on contact?

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I have a client who started using Pipedrive before Leads Inbox became available. We used the "lead source" field on the contact, as it was logical that every contact is actually a more or less cold lead, and then they'd call the contact and potentially create a new deal.

I saw in some projects that "lead source" was used on a Lead object (so ultimately on the deal). I can't fully decide which one is better. From one side it's about reporting, from another it's about filtering, from the third it's about convenience, etc.

Anybody has thought it through?



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    I use it on both, although the deal source is what I use for reporting.

    When an existing client makes a repeat purchase, the person source still remains the same, but in the repeat purchase instance, the deal source is 'repeat customer'. Hope this makes sense.