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Miranda_17411 Member Posts: 15

Hoping to submit this as a feature request: the ability to bulk assign emails to deals. I notice the majority of deals link correctly with the auto feature, but it would also be really neat if I could bulk assign/reassign emails to deals, especially when the auto feature gets it wrong. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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  • Matthijs Sillevis Smitt
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    Have you received any feedback on this? I am also looking for this solution. Thanks. 

  • Mylène Sage
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    Have you received any feedback on this? I am also looking for this solution. Thanks. 

    Also interested, the feature could be great but is a time waste when there is a lot of communication with a stakeholder.

  • Mark Haller
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    I have spent the last 5-10 minutes shaking my head that this is not part of the core yet.  I suggested it a long time ago directly via the helpdesk/live chat.

    Please tell me this is going to happen and due for release soon?

    A lot of my emails are assigned correctly.  However, HUNDREDS of them are not.  I do a search for a client name - I can see all of them match what I wanted.  I tick them in bulk - I want to Assign to a Lead/Deal straight away.  You're telling me I need to do this one by one?

    Come on guys, no new features - let's have this :-)

  • Miranda_17411
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    From my understanding, the more we ask the more it will get noticed! 

  • Thomas Teichmann
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    We have the same problem. Hundreds of emails are not linked to our deals. Bulk assign emails to deals should be an essential feature for a CRM solution. It is very hard to go through all the emails and link them manually one by one. I hope it is solved immediately. Fingers crossed.

  • Crystal Delaney_82636

    I've asked for this many times as well. There are times I want to assign an email or thread to a deal that wouldn't normally get auto assigned. i.e. Google Number text threads or intro lead emails. Most of my emails also don't get auto linked. I'd also like a flag feature, but that's a suggestion for another day; pick your battles and all that.

  • cridgely
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    I wanted to re-up this to keep it active. I can't believe it isn't a feature and seems like it should be a VERY easy addition.

    Please make it possible to bulk select emails and assign them to a known deal instead of making me click in and do it individually.

  • Suzanne
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    cant believe this isnt a standard feature. limits functionality and almost a deal break (pun intended).