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Blair Bondar
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I am not sure if I have missed how to do this, but it would be great to be able to search PD by tags and/or telephone numbers. Is this possible now?



  • Bobby_37242
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    Yes this is possible

    For Tags:
    You will need to create a custom field for this, call it tags and make it a multiple option select. Add any tags you want to use as options then start applying those to your deals or contacts. Then create a filter by that tag or use the search bar.

    For Telephone Numbers:
    If you type a phone number in the search bar in the top middle of your screen it will show results there. You can also make a filter for this.

  • Blair Bondar
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    Thanks Bobby-That works.


  • Martin_81343
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    Bobby, I think he maybe means searching by the in-built 'tag' functionality that pipedrive has on Persons and organisations. What would be the point in the tags if you cannot search by them?